VimConf 2017 - An international Vim Conference

VimConf 2017 - Event Info

Guest Speakers

  • Fatih Arslan (a.k.a. fatih) Software Engineer. Gopher and Coffee geek. Author of vim-go. Tool maker.
  • haya14busa Author of vim-easymotion and many plugins.
  • Ken Takata (a.k.a. k-takata) Heavy contributor of Vim. Author of Onigmo.
  • Yasuhiro Matsumoto (a.k.a. mattn) Legendary contributor of Vim. Contributor of many many and so many OSS projects.
  • Call for proposals


Announcing VimConf 2017

VimConf is the only and the first international Vim conference that has been running periodically by a Vim community. this
(日本語版: VimConf 2017を開催します)

Looking for VimConf 2017 speakers

We are looking for some VimConf 2017 speakers! this
(日本語版: VimConf 2017のスピーカーを募集します)